About Cecile


Cecile Bayeul was born in France in 1982 in a firefighter family. She wanted to become a firefighter and passed the tough professional firefighter tests which included various physically demanding feats. However, she decided to keep a more peaceful job (as her family wanted her to) so she became a nurse.

As a registered nurse she ended up studying various diet protocols for patients with special nutritional requirements due to their sicknesses.

In order to relieve stress from her job and to heal from an anorexia caused by a difficult divorce she picked up natural bodybuilding. Through bodybuilding she learned to regain her confidence and to be happy with her body.

Her passion for fitness led her to start conducting personal training not only for women but for men as well. She teaches that by embarking into a fitness program you can achieve any body that you want; something that builds up faith in oneself and develops the valuable skill of goal setting; things that at the end of the day improve every single aspect of your life!

Accomplishments/Published Works

In 2011 she decided to try her luck at competition and decided to compete in the NPC 2011 Female Bodybuilding Hurricane Bay Championships and ended up taking the Overall Title on her first show!

She is also a Registered Nurse, published fitness author and International fitness model with articles on Natural Muscle Magazine, Muscle& and the NY Times site to Bodybuilding.  In addition, she is a Team Labrada sponsored athlete as well (check out her Labrada Nutrition profile here => Cecile’s Team Labrada Profile)

She just recently released a new site in conjunction with best selling fitness authors Hugo Rivera and Anthony Alayon called the where she helps members get in the best shape of their life. Currently she is working also on a new program for busy people who can only work out at home and she is also involved with Hugo Rivera in the creation of a new muscle building program for both men and women called HRT21.