by Cécile Bayeul, RN

I typically love to finish my leg workouts with walking lunges and here I found another alternative that allows me to introduce variety into my workouts and be able to change my routines: the sled. You can push with your toes in order to emphasize the quads but on this video I will push with the heels in order to emphasize the glutes. Try it out and let me know how it works for you !!!

How Much Weight To Use ?

Be sure to not use a lot of weight as if you use too much weight your upper body muscles will try to do the work for you. Concentrate on the contraction of your hamstrings and glutes as you move the weight.

How Many Sets ?

If you do 1 set, this will take you a couple of minutes. If you do 2 sets with a 40-60 sec rest in between sets, then this routine will take you around 5 minutes. With 3 sets then this will last around 7 min. I do 3 sets but if you are just starting out, 1 set is more than enough !


With all that said, please take a look at my exercise demonstration below :


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Take care of your health everybody, and enjoy your workout !! 😉